Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Have your own spa day at home

Dry skin? Pineapple facial

Home spa version 3$

1- Wash your face with a moisturizing cleaner

2- Wet a wash cloth in warm water,ring out excess water and place on face for 5 mins

3- In a blender puree 3 pineapple rings, 1 tbs plain yogurt and 3 tbs honey

4- Smooth mask onto face, leave on for 10 mins . rinse and pat dry

Oily Skin? Get a lemon facial

Home spa version 4$

1- Place a warm wash cloth on your clean face for 5 mins

2- Mix 1 tbs lemon juice, 1 tsp water ,1/2 c plain yogurt ,1/4 c cornmeal

3- Massage onto face for 2 mins than rinse and pat dry

Soften your feet with a lime and sea salt scrub

Home spa version 5$

1- Dampen feet

2- Dip half a lime in sea salt and rub over calluses

3- Fill basin with warm water and 2 cups epsom salt soak feet for 10 mins

4- Dry and moisturize with a foot cream

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