Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The quilt

Yesterday I received a very special gift from a great friend Andrea. She made me a gorgeous quilt. I really really love it. I met Andrea in an online group that i belong to called the sisterhood. I have been in the group about 2 years now and have made some really great friends. Most of us live half way across the country from each other but it is still so nice to have these women to talk to. The founder of the group lives here in oregon and i will meet her someday soon =) All of us group members sent fabric to Andrea and she made quilt for each of us out of everyone's material. After everyone gets their quilts i will post a pic of mine. So i don't spoil it for the others that haven't seen theirs yet. If you ever want a really great quily made you should look Andrea up =) She has her own online shop at etsy.

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